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Nay Srd, Lois rrincival T. W. Levan,

scodstock Collegiate Institate. bear Principal [svan:


At the Vatri


as to granting certificates of honour standing to studen


ulation Poard there was a discussion

ts but for varicu

reasons it wag teoides that this eshoula not be done. Tn the first olace the Junior Watricuiation certificate ia of wide sidnificance ang constitutes the entrance to various orafessicna. The honour certificate ig not sO much an antirance cartificate ea one giving ai vanetion ta graduates and the distinctio rialh sense corparative, ‘Its valine is partly due to the obisctive JuIgwent rather than the Subjective Opinion of the teachers who heve had wost to to whith tbe Svugents, Since, however, the horeur certificetes are reovired for enerapce into various honour devarimenis in Arte in tne University of Toronto and ALSO into tbe Peculty of Acelied Science it wae decited to refer the aueation of standing to the University concerned. therecore when the students

revpurn there is no Joubvt that thoes

HOES whe wish to enter honour courses or

or Dae eA a a vhe FPacuity of Agppiies Sc

ther for entrance,even though they tid nat take 3

iercoe and who have 10ne The work qualifying

ake whe sxamination, will be

favourably considered by the Universities and put ar if they are able to 39 the were 'T have not the slightest be accepted, There will ve no desire to send them back


However, T have suggested to Wr. Anglin that it would be

probation go that

Woubt they will

to school,

the Principals file with his as Secretary of the Matriculation Poard their opinions as +o their students in the watter of the status in

honours for which they ought to be aualified.


With kind revards, I am,

Yours sincerely,